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KRPM Legal - business, technology, law

Our firm made up of professionals in the field was established to provide highest quality legal services that meet individual needs of businesses. Thorough understanding of the business and legal sector allows us to more accurately identify risks and mitigate or eliminate them, enabling our clients to achieve their goals.

We cooperate with our clients both in domestic and international matters. Our company is based in Katowice, a city that is transforming from a traditional industrial region into a centre of advanced technologies and world-class business services.

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Who we are

Patrycja Łukaszczuk – Kacorzyk - Managing Partner

Lawyer and attorney-at-law from the region of the Bieszczady Mountains. She started her career in legal support for businesses in 2010 and now works with international companies from the sector of new technologies. She provides legal support for projects related to the creation, sale and implementation of IT systems along with maintenance and servicing, automation and robotisation of industrial processes (including systems based on autonomous robots) copyright law and licences, as well as industrial property law. Patrycja also has experience in the construction industry (road and bridge construction, FIDIC contracts), where she has managed projects as a Contract Administrator. She expanded her knowledge in the field of new technology law during postgraduate studies in that field and in the IT school for lawyers. She has a special interest in issues related to AI and its application in enterprises.

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Law is the cornerstone of innovation and growth in today's business world
Jeff Bezos

Our values


We strive for perfection so that our services are not only excellent in terms of legal expertise, but also to make sure they are individually tailored to the needs of each client. As entrepreneurs and lawyers, we make use of our knowledge of law and business.


Agile approach is characterised by flexibility to the changing needs of clients. Services provided to businesses should enable smooth adaptation to the changing market conditions in which businesses and entrepreneurs operate. Flexibility translates into increased efficiency and ensures more effective problem solving.


We understand that law and business are two interdependent areas. We aim at ensuring compliance with the regulations in force while eliminating obstacles to business growth and minimising legal risks.


Based on an innovative approach to legal issues, we search for new legal and business solutions that have a crucial impact on the development of our clients' potential and competitive advantage. With the help of innovative solutions, our clients can develop new areas of business and implement ambitious projects in compliance with legal requirements.

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