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“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress,working together is success” - Henry Ford

Running a business is a challenging undertaking that requires efficient, swift and skilful adaptation to the provisions of applicable law. As experienced in-house practitioners, we have a good understanding of how businesses function and the difficulties they face in their day-to-day operations. We understand that businesses are looking for solutions that, on the one hand, will promote growth, and, on the other, will ensure compliance with the applicable regulations. We share our knowledge and experience to help our clients improve the operation and promote the development of their businesses.

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Our specialisations in the area of legal support for businesses

M&A Mergers and acquisitions

We offer legal and business support in the area of M&A transactions for both buyers and sellers. We support our clients in concluding investment agreements for the purchase or sale of a company, its organised part, assets or shares, and protect our clients' interests in terms of legal aspects. We prepare the transaction, perform due diligence and support the negotiation process until the conclusion of the transaction.

Real estate

Our firm also provides legal support to individual and corporate clients in the scope of real estate transactions. We handle matters related to investments, acquisition, disposal, division or merger of entities, dissolution of co-ownership, regulation of legal status, guarantee and warranty of investments, due diligence, as well as damage to real estate. Our services are used by developers and investors purchasing real estate. We cooperate with property valuers and notary offices, providing comprehensive solutions for our clients.

Compliance and RODO

3.Compliance is a set of rules of conduct, the aim of which is to ensure that the company's actions comply with applicable laws and internal standards, principles of good governance or procedures in force in the group of companies. In this regard, we provide compliance audits, outsourcing of the function of compliance officer, preparation of internal procedures and support in terms of their implementation, modification of existing procedures, training and workshops. Our aim is to implement compliance standards in companies while striving to minimise the burden of introduced changes on the organisation to a minimum.


In terms of tax matters, we support our clients by providing advisory services, modelling and implementing tax strategies, developing and updating tax procedures, transfer pricing policies, and ensuring compliance with such aspects as CIT, VAT, Estonian CIT, WHT, real estate tax, customs and international trade, excise duty, tax schemes, family foundations, succession, reliefs and exemptions, National e-Invoice System (KSeF) and audits.

Corporate law

In the area of corporate law, we provide our clients with support in the selection of the form of their business, registration, merger, division, transformation, restructuring, corporate governance, handling of shareholders' and partners' meetings and company liquidation. Through legal support, we help our clients create new business entities and assist them in the liquidation of those that become unprofitable due to changing economic conditions. We support Polish entrepreneurs who are planning expansion into foreign markets, as well as foreign entrepreneurs who have decided to start their business in Poland.

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