New technologies

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The 21st century is a time when law is looking for a way out in the maze of innovations

KRPM Legal is a team of enthusiasts of law and new technologies who will navigate your business through the dynamic world of innovation. Not only do we have a thorough understanding of law, but we also understand how modern technologies are revolutionising the business sector. In a world where artificial intelligence, blockchain, the internet of things and other new technologies are becoming the driving force of the future, you need a partner who is not only familiar with legal aspects, but also understands challenges related to technological aspects. At KRPM Legal, we combine these two disciplines, providing comprehensive legal services for new technology companies, as we are well aware that the law must keep pace with innovative technologies.

Our specialisations in the area of legal support for new technologies

New technologies

1.We provide legal support to our clients who, in connection with the technological development of their businesses, have decided to implement innovative solutions, such as automation of business processes, improvement of efficiency and the quality of products and services, in order to attract new groups of customers. We analyse legal regulations at the investment planning stage, negotiate contracts with suppliers, support the project teams of our clients in terms of legal aspects at the implementation stage, as well as provide support during the guarantee period. We cooperate with integrators of technological solutions for industry. Our services are used by manufacturers of machinery and equipment, who implement their solutions on the domestic and foreign markets, as well as by industrial integrators. We have experience in the implementation of projects in the field of R&D, IT contracts, AI, telecommunications, IoT, robotisation and automation of industrial processes.

Intellectual and industrial property

Our team advises on issues related to the protection of intellectual property rights. We have extensive experience in the field of copyright, including issues related to the use of copyrighted works, acquisition of intellectual property or industrial property rights, their registration and trademark protection. We also have experience in drafting and negotiating the terms of copyright, trademark or licence agreements, including software licence agreements.


Our firm offers comprehensive support in the field of handling business transaction contracts. We verify the contractual provisions, negotiate and develop models of cooperation taking into account the specific nature of a given industry, analyse, assess risks and advise on relevant matters during the implementation stage.


We also provide services related to litigation, representing clients before the courts in mediation and arbitration procedures. We have experience in handling disputes relating in particular to construction works and commercial contracts. Our group of clients includes Polish and international companies from numerous sectors of the economy, including new technology, real estate, medical and manufacturing industries.


Another specialisation that we offer are comprehensive legal services in the field of e-business. We help prepare websites and shops for the launch of their operations, provide documentation (regulations and policies), support in terms of day-to-day problems related to complaints and withdrawal from contracts. Our clients are both existing and newly established shops and websites.

We are future-oriented! KRPM Legal is your partner in the world of law and new technologies

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